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Practicing Criminal Defense
Conducting Internal Investigations

  • Former U.S. Department of Justice and Treasury Department Special Agents
  • Certified Fraud Examiner

ExFeds P.L.C. is a law firm consisting of former federal agents from the United States Department of Justice and the Treasury Department.
Our primary focus is on violations of federal law, but we also practice in the local courts of Virginia, the District of Columbia and Maryland.

We have extensive experience in a large variety of criminal matters including:

Drug Crimes

Computer Crimes

Tax Evasion


Money Laundering



Federal Contract Improprieties

Notice of Seizure

Other “White Collar” Crimes

We are criminal trial lawyers particularly adept at dealing and negotiating with law enforcement agencies
and federal and state attorneys’ offices to resolve claims prior to trial.  However, we also have extensive trial experience, should that requirement arise.

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